Textile tradition in Králíky region dates back to the Middle Ages. In the last third of the 19th century it resulted in the production of silk fabrics by domestic weavers, whose production was further finished by dye plants in Vienna.


1881 Foundation

The construction of a new plant of Viennese company STEINER means the beginning of the industrial production of silk fabrics in Králíky.

1938 Golden Era

The completion of the expansion of the factory premises to the current range. Through investments in the jacquard production the manufacturing program was expanded to include tie fabrics, silk scarves and other demanding assortments.

1945 National enterprise

Following the nationalization, Králíky weaving mill was incorporated into the national enterprise Silk Weaving Mills Prague, later HENAP n. e., ATLAS n. e. and from 1958 HEDVA n. e..

1999 New Future

Due to the concentration of production, in 1999 HEDVA ended its production in Králíky. INCOT purchased the plant in Králíky, restructured the production of synthetic materials to cotton jacquard damasks and brocades and ensured the complete modernization of the plant. Close production and business cooperation with VEBA Broumov started.

2010 Veba Group

In 2010 the company became the majority owner of significant Czech textile companies Veba and Papillons. Today, we form together a strong group of companies under the name of Veba Group.


2013 The project Arabia

The company enriched its production and business by luxury fashion fabrics and scarves for Arab markets.


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